Brain Science Podcast

The Brain Science Podcast is one of the 21 top brain blogs (or podcasts) to inform and inspire you in 2014, according to Dr. Sarah McKay. She said about the Brain Science Podcast: “emergency physician Ginger Campbell’s podcast has been sharing recent discoveries from the world of neuroscience, books on neuroscience and interviewing scientists since 2006. One of the top podcasts in iTunes!”

I have listened to the most recent episodes and I liked them very much! The list of all 117 past episodes (including a list of guest interviews) is in Dr. Campbell’s website. iTunes has the latest 30+ episodes, and some of the most popular ones are:

  • Episode 90 – How the Brain Becomes Conscious, a review of the book “Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain” by Antonio Damasio
  • Episode 93 – Pain (Part 1), an interview with Dr. Fernando Cervero, author of “Understanding Pain: Exploring the Perception of Pain”
  • Episode 91 – Jaak Panskepp on the Origins of Emotions
  • Episode 98 – The Autistic Brain, with Richard Panek
  • Epidode 92 – Neuroscience Review; 6th Annual Review Episode of the Brain Science Podcast

I hope you enjoy listening to the Brain Science Podcast.

Podcast’s Website:



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