2015 European Inventor Awards

15 Finalists, One Popular Winner

The European Patent Office (EPO) has announced its finalists for the 2015 European Inventor Awards, honoring brilliant inventions from a range of scientific fields. The EPO will have its work cut out choosing winners—everyone on the list is working on or has created something groundbreaking.

A dozen finalists are grouped into four categories, including one for non-European inventors; three additional finalists are eligible for a lifetime achievement recognition. One winner will be selected from each category, and then the public can vote on the overall winner, with the awards taking place on June 11.

Here’s the list; vote for the winner.

  1. Near Field Communications (NFC) technology
  2. High-voltage power grid connection
  3. Electronically tintable glass
  4. Tobii, an eye-tracking system
  5. Plumpy, a peanut paste to fight hunger
  6. MammaPrint, a gene test for breast cancer
  7. A way to combat dengue fever
  8. Bioconcrete, a self-healing concrete containing bacteria
  9. Vitrimers, self-healing plastics
  10. Vaccines against human papillomavirus (HPV)
  11. Multi-testing with a single drop of blood
  12. Carbon nanotubes
  13. Mildronate heart medications
  14. Coding method for CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray
  15. Microchip-sized analysis system

Sources: (1) PharmiMike; (2) Quartz; (3) European Patent Office (EPO)



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