Rules for Content Creation

13 Writing Rules To Ignore For Becoming A Legendary Content Creator

Regardless of whether you’re for or against the abbreviated words and slang which are replacing traditional writing rules, there’s no denying the fact that content marketing best practices are way different than what you learned in college English. Blogging is about developing a voice as a company or personal brand online, and opening up conversations between consumers and companies. It’s hard to accomplish these lofty goals if your sole focus is perfect grammar, and writing in a removed, neutral tone observing all writing rules. Conversational writing is in-demand these days, and treating your content marketing as a platform for dialogue will serve you well, even if you have to break a few time-tested writing rules along the way.

  1. Have 5 Sentences per Paragraph
  2. Write Formally
  3. Avoid Sentence Fragments
  4. Use Your Conclusion to Recap
  5. Avoid Slang
  6. Never Begin a Sentence with a Conjunction
  7. Avoid Hyperbole
  8. Avoid Ending Sentences with Prepositions
  9. Don’t Use First Person
  10. Don’t Use Second Person
  11. Include Formal Citations
  12. Always Have a Clear Thesis Statement
  13. Avoid Contractions

(*) Article by Tatiana Liubarets

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