Sky at a Glance, June 19-21


Friday, June 19
The pair-up of Venus and Jupiter is becoming ever more eye-catching in the west at dusk, as they near their June 30th closest approach. This evening as twilight fades, look below them for the thin waxing crescent Moon, as shown here.

Saturday, June 20
The Moon, Jupiter, and Venus form a striking triangle in the west during and after dusk. Regulus and the Sickle of Leo watch over them from the upper left. Think photo opportunity!

Sunday, June 21
Now the Moon shines left of Regulus in the evening. Jupiter and Venus are farther lower right, as shown here.

Today is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere; the shortest in the Southern Hemisphere. The solstice is at 12:38 p.m. EDT (16:38 UT), marking the official start of northern summer (southern winter). Because the solstice time falls right between the nights before and after in the Eastern time zone, you can have two Midsummer’s Night parties!

Article by Alan MacRobert, author and senior editor, Sky & Telescope

– For more events during the week of June 19 – 27 see:


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