D-leucine stops seizures


An amino acid whose role in the body has been all but a mystery appears to act as a potent seizure inhibitor in mice, according to a study. In a series of experiments, the amino acid D-leucine, found in many foods and certain bacteria (see comments, below), interrupted prolonged seizures, a serious condition known as status epilepticus, and it did so just as effectively as the epilepsy drug diazepam — the choice of treatment for patients in the throes of convulsions — but without any of the drug’s sedative side effects.

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Journal Reference:

Adam L. Hartman, Polan Santos, Kenneth J. O’Riordan, Carl E. Stafstrom, J. Marie Hardwick. Potent anti-seizure effects of D-leucine. Neurobiology of Disease, 2015; 82: 46 DOI: 10.1016/j.nbd.2015.05.013



5 thoughts on “D-leucine stops seizures

  1. Hi Dee,

    Good question. First, check with your physician. Second, please note that this study was done in mice, so it has to be replicated in humans. Third, you can contact directly one of the authors of the study; the reference is given at the end of my post (click the blue link after the word DOI).

    Hope this helps,


  2. Dee,

    I checked with Dr. Adam L. Hartman, lead investigator in this study. According to him, “there aren’t any food sources that are enriched in D-leucine – it is just found there in trace amounts.” I guess this answers your question.

    Best regards,
    Rick M.


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