Sky at a Glance, June 26 – July 4

sky_june28Sunday, June 28
Saturn shines close to the waxing gibbous Moon this evening. Below and lower left of them runs Scorpius, as shown above.

Monday, June 29
The bright Moon forms a triangle with Saturn to its right and Antares closer to its lower right, as shown above.


Tuesday, June 30
Venus and Jupiter are closest together tonight, 0.3° apart. That’s about the width of a chopstick at arm’s length. (Depending on the chopstick and the length of your arm, of course.) Jupiter is on top. They’ll both fit into a telescope’s field of view at low and medium power; Venus is a brilliant fat crescent, Jupiter is a much duller, slightly flattened ball nearly the same size.

In reality, they’re very far apart in space. Venus is currently 48 million miles from Earth; Jupiter is a dozen times farther away at 565 million miles, on the other side of the solar system. Cloudy? They’ll remain strikingly close together for days to come.


Saturday, July 4
Out to watch fireworks? As dusk settles in, point out to people Venus and Jupiter still forming a striking pair low in the west (1.9° apart), fainter Regulus to their upper left, and the two brightest stars of summer: Arcturus very high toward the southwest, and Vega nearly as high in the east.

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