Solar plane from Japan to Hawaii

Pilot on most perilous leg of around-the-world flight

Story highlights

  • A pilot is attempting to fly from Japan to Hawaii using the sun’s energy
  • The Solar Impulse 2 (#Si2) crew is trying to be the first to fly around the world in a solar-powered plane
  • The mission faces its most dangerous possible situations in the next five days


This is pretty much it: the most dangerous part of a historic solar-powered adventure playing out thousands of feet above the Earth.

For folks who haven’t been following the around-the-world flight of the experimental Solar Impulse 2 since it began last March, this is probably the part where you’ll want to start paying attention.

Because what’s going on now is simply amazing.

After weeks of weather delays, a lone pilot named Andre Borschberg is now strapped into a tiny cockpit while flying a fragile plane more than 5,000 miles (8,000 kilometers) from Japan to Hawaii. The journey is expected to last about five days and nights.

Read the full story:

Article by Thom Patterson, CNN



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