The 7 Habits of Healthy Brains

The relationships between mental, environmental, social and physical aspects of health and wellbeing are complex. Add in the brain—the most complex of living structures, one that enabled humans to walk on the moon, map the human genome, and compose masterpieces of literature, art, and music—and you’re faced with a daunting task of understanding how the brain affects and is affected by the health of the mind, body, and world around us.

Here are the 7 key habits that you should adopt to promote a highly healthy brain and flourishing life – one free of physical or mental illness, disease, pain, or angst.

  1. SLEEP. A good night sleep every night should be a priority, not a luxury.
  2. MOVE. The best exercise for your brain is physical exercise.
  3. NOURISH. A healthy brain requires a healthy well-nourished body.
  4. CALM. Find your moment of calm.
  5. CONNECT. We are born as social animals and have a fundamental need for human warmth and connection.
  6. CHALLENGE. Keep your brain mentally active.
  7. BELIEVE. Seek out your purpose in life.

Article by Dr. Sarah McKay, author of the blog Your Brain Health.

Read the full article:


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