Suspenseful Photos


Aaron Tilley uses his quirky photo series to explore the curious connection between how the mind perceives the world and conveys these reactions in their physical body. Tilley, in collaboration with director Kyle Bean, has created this collection of adrenaline-inducing photographs for Kinfolk Magazine’s most recent Adrenaline Issue. His hair-raising compositions cause that distinct rush of adrenaline, a delicious anticipation that borders on anxiety. However, the familiar physical symptoms of a pounding heart and sweaty palms actually originate within the brain.

The story (“In Anxious Anticipation”) revolves around this idea that visuals can invoke feelings of expectation and dread; from the ink droplet dangling precariously over a pressed white shirt, to a row of bricks about to collapse onto a dainty champagne goblet, the images aim to induce an empathetic rush of anticipation. Adrenaline flows from the adrenal glands, a result of stimulation of the autonomic nervous system. Through this magazine issue, the artistic designers wish to titillate the thrill-seekers amongst us and discover the ability of the artificial to induce this dreadful joy within our bodies.

The release of adrenaline is an evolutionary survival tool handed down to us by ancient ancestors—the ability to initiate a fight-or-flight response has allowed us to continue to survive over the generations. Tilley’s quirky images are designed to invoke this response in us, despite the obvious separation from the situation by a screen, thus heightening the relationship between mind and body reactions through these visual simulations.

Article by Kristine Mitchell – March 3, 2016 – My Modern Met




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