Proud Mother of Five


Just last week, we were introduced to an adorable and very pregnant dog named Lilica, starring in her very own maternity photo shoot. Now, Lilica is the proud mama of five adorable puppies! In fact, the maternity photo shoot took place just the day before the pregnant pooch went into labor.

Without missing a beat, Lilica is back in front of the camera. This time, she’s brought along her offspring for… you guessed it: an adorable newborn photo shoot. They may not be swaddled up in blankets, but these tiny puppies register just as high (if not higher) on the squee-meter of cuteness, when it comes to newborns.

Photographer Ana Paula Grillo returned once again to capture Lilica’s photogenic joy with her babies. Hopefully there will be plenty of more photo shoots to come.

Article by Pinar; March 30, 2016





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